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Your new friend GRACE. g.pawann at yahoo.com
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Your friend Your new friend GRACE. would like you to vist the following
page of Mens Sana Monographs.


Hey friend, How are you? Guess you are fine and living good. Nice
having your address with the aid of my new search device, my name is
GRACE and I'm from New York, USA. Here just looking for better
friendship and pen pals both women and men to share interest and lot
more with. I love discussing all issues and learning other people's
cultures and languages. Hope to get more good and lasting friends
outside my state. Friends re like cloths, and life is naked without
one. About me in a brief, my name is GRACE PAWANN; a native of Chicago
Illinois, working with a recruitment and resettlement agency here in
New York City. I think it's enough for now till I hear from you. Now
tell me about yourself and your country. Plz excuse me if I erred by
contacting you in this mail, you can forward my message to any of your
preferred mailbox and reply via it for easier correspondence. Xpecting
to hear from you soonest, till then bye. Your new friend GRACE.



Mens Sana Monographs
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